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After 9 years of teaching, I have reached a point where students I once taught in the 8th grade are now graduating from high school.   As 8th graders, they were just entering their teenage years and 5 years later they are walking across a graduation stage. It’s quite remarkable to see these students donning caps and gowns ready for the next stage of their lives with hopes and dreams of being successful.
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We Don’t Know How Lynn Did It


I sat in my classroom exhausted after a full day of student teaching and couldn’t wait to go home and relax.  I had no clue that teaching would be this draining.  It suddenly dawned on me that for several years my mother would teach a full day of elementary school special education and then go work her second job from 7-11pm.
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It Was Unheard of in My Day


My senior year in high school the New Journal and Guide, a local newspaper, printed an article discussing the differences my Grandfather and I experienced playing football in the state of Virginia. The article describes how… Continue reading

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We Quit

the crew

The notes were filled with grammatical errors but the messages were loud and clear.   I was “mean”, “didn’t pay fair”, “smelled like butt”, and “they quit”! The 4 employees that I hired weekly to “keep our block clean” were no longer interested in working for Mr. Allyn and had taped their official letters of resignation to my front door with zebra print duct tape. Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Happens

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Near Miss Part 2: I Showed My Class A Naked Lady


Co-worker: Did anything happen in school today?

Son: Nope

Co-worker: Really? Nothing interesting happened today?

Son: Nope

Co-worker: Nothing out of the ordinary?

Son: Nope

Co-worker: What about in Mr. Bacchus’ class?

Son: Nope

Co- worker: Mr. Bacchus is always doing something interesting. Nothing happened today?

Son: Nope

Co-worker: I know what happened in Mr. Bacchus’ class today. Why didn’t you tell me about the naked lady?

Son: Mr. Bacchus kept saying he was going to get fired so I didn’t want to say anything. Continue reading

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Near Miss Part 1: Mr. Bacchus Took My Virginity


“Ladies, lets hurry up and get to class” I instructed a group of 6th grade girls standing at their lockers. “Okkkayyyyy, Mr. Bacchus” the four girls responded as they continued gathering what they needed for class. As Susan closed her locker, she turned and whispered something to the girl next to her. I watched as the secret was passed from one girl to the next until all four girls were giggling. Brian’s locker was next in line but when the secret reached him the giggling stopped. Brian shaking his head simply said “that ain’t right”. The four girls entered my classroom and took their seats but Brian stayed out in the hallway. He approached me outside of my class, took a deep breath and said “Mr. Bacchus, I think you should know that Susan was telling those girls you took her virginity”.

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