Allyn Plans And Ashlynn Laughs

Allyn planned on heading to Los Angeles on July 16th, 2021 for the birth of his niece who was due on the 19th. However, Ashlynn laughed as she did flips in the womb forcing a C Section to be scheduled on July 14th.  

Allyn changed his flight to Los Angeles and arrived on July 12th in order to support his sister and help watch his nephew during the birth of his sister’s second child.  However, Ashlynn continued laughing as she flipped again and was now in position for a natural birth. 

Allyn waited every day for his sister to go into labor and was constantly asking her “is this it”?     However, Ashlynn could be seen laughing during the end of the week ultrasound where it was revealed she flipped again and a C section needed to be scheduled for the 19th.     

Allyn had a plane ticket back home for July 20th.  However, Ashlyn could be heard laughing as her mother asked him to reschedule his flight to stay longer and help out with the newly expanded family.    

Being at the whims of my niece, and imagining her laughing as I scrambled to change my plans reminded me of the saying “Man Plans and God Laughs”.  As I rescheduled my flight for the 3rd time, made needed adjustments for football workouts, and asked my neighbors if they could keep an eye on my house a little bit longer, a previous blog came to mind.  

 In Danya Plans and Allyn Laughs, I wrote…

“We try our hardest to make plans and follow them only to become upset, disappointed, and angry when even our best laid plans don’t go accordingly. That’s where God Laughs because our failed plans are usually part of an even better plan. His Plan!”

The birth of my niece clearly didn’t go according to my plans but God’s plan allowed me to spend two weeks of time with my family in Los Angeles, support my sister,  get some serious play time with my nephew, and welcome my new niece, Ashlynn Estelle Whipple, into this world!!!



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