Danya Plans and Allyn Laughs

Danya planned on needing all of her furniture once her fellowship at the University of Michigan concluded in the spring of 2016. However, it all wouldn’t fit into the storage unit and some had to be given away. Danya was dejected!
Allyn Laughed!

 Danya planned on staying with her boyfriend for a few weeks in Los Angeles before she moved to Michigan. However, Eric’s job needed him to immediately report to Cleveland to help with a possible Verizon strike. Danya was unsettled!
Allyn Laughed!

Danya planned on not having to report on any stories Saturday and only anchoring the 6 and 11 o’clock shows.  However, the news director decided otherwise. Danya was furious!
Allyn Laughed!

Danya planned on going right home after the 11 o’clock news.  However, once the show was over she was beckoned to do a sound check and stay on the set in front of the camera’s. Danya was livid!
Allyn Laughed!

I wasn’t laughing as a mean little brother who likes to see his sister suffer. I was laughing as the brother who knew she wouldn’t need all of her stuff when she got back from Michigan, who knew Eric really wasn’t in Cleveland, who knew why the news director sent her out to report and who knew why she needed to do a mike check at the end of the 11 o’clock news. I knew that Danya’s boyfriend Eric was going to propose to her that night in the Newsroom. So I laughed as all of my sisters plans unraveled because I knew it was setting the stage for Eric’s proposal (which was amazing).


My week in San Diego laughing at my sisters plans helped me better understand the saying “Man Plans and God Laughs”. We try our hardest to make plans and follow them only to become upset, disappointed, and angry when even our best laid plans don’t go accordingly. That’s where God Laughs because our failed plans are usually part of an even better plan. His Plan!


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