A Lesson from the Canyon

It took 6 million years for the Universe to create what President Theodore Roosevelt described as “the one great sight that every American should see” and for some reason I sometimes think I can become my best self overnight.  During my visit to the Grand Canyon in November, I was not only awe struck by the beauty and size of the Canyon but also by its creation story and the valuable lesson it had to teach me.

I am not a geologist by any means but I know that we, meaning man, had nothing to do with the formation of the Canyon.  The Colorado River some 6 million years ago began flowing along its current path and carving the Grand Canyon. The river was eventually aided by other natural forces like rain, wind, ice, snow, and floods to erode and shape the beautiful place I visited in the fall.  


While hiking the Rim Trail, I laughed at the articles, books, and videos I have consumed with titles like “21 Days to Your Best Self”, “Discover your Best Self Now”, etc,etc.  The Universe took 6 million years to gradually present the Grand Canyon with everything necessary to shape and reveal one of the natural wonders of the world.  The immense size and beauty of the Canyon, reminded me that Life works on its on time and will present me with the events, people, situations, and experiences necessary to gradually shape and reveal my best self.     

This process may not always be pleasant as I learned in 2018, when Life decided to present me with forces that carved deep through layers of me like the rushing rapids of the Colorado River.   At times I wondered if I could withstand the rushing water but I am pretty sure the Grand Canyon wasn’t always comfortable as the Universe cut it 18 miles wide and 1 mile deep. The Grand Canyon trusted Life to shape it over time and a beauty that can’t be described in words or pictures was revealed.  I have to trust Life to do the same with me.




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