Wins and Losses

“What was the score of the Delaware game?”

“What was our record Sophomore year?”

“Did you make all conference as a Junior ?”

I didn’t hear any of these questions asked as Villanova football alumni from 85 until present gathered to honor head Coach Andy Talley at our Homecoming football game in October.  Instead we laughed and joked about the things that truly matter to us years later.  Things like..

*Moe Gibson deciding to not go to practice one day during summer camp

*Coach Reardon flipping out on our kicker who questioned our scheme during a film session

*The 6am run because someone from the team stole donuts from a media truck covering a basketball game

*Coach Talley cussing out Clarence Curry because he didn’t want water ice after practice 

Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t a shortage of victories or accolades between the former players gathered around Villanova Stadium as several alumni dawned championship rings and jackets.  However, the W’s, L’s, and hardware did not consume our discussions.  It was the moments between the wins, losses, and accolades that took center stage.  It was the practices, winter workouts, pre-season camps, meetings, off-season 7v7’s, road trips, and locker room shenanigans that we all seemed to cherish.

I remember how much my teammates and I lived and died with each victory as players for Villanova and I still find myself at times believing that life is all about achieving victory and avoiding defeats.   My trip back to campus served as a reminder that despite what we often think it’s the moments between the wins and losses where you truly enjoy life.  The journeys between victory and defeat will be where you experience the memories that you will never forget.  


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