Listen to Them Sing!

“It’s easy to be discouraged looking at the world.  It’s easy to wonder what is happening to our society and ask why is it so bad?  It’s easy to give up hope.  However, I guarantee if you open your ears and listen to these children sing you will be reminded that there is still so much good in the world”

-John Alston

Please don’t take the director’s word for it.  Open your ears and listen to the Chester Children’s Choir Sing….


Did you hear it? Did you see it?  How could you miss it?   John Alston has provided urban children from Chester an opportunity to share their voices with the world for over 22 years and he reminded the crowd of something we need to do on a daily basis.  Find the Good!  

I like so many have struggled to find it while watching the death of a man on on live stream, reading details of the attacks in France, urging my friends in law enforcement to be safe, listening to arguments over whose life matters, or keeping count of the 65 plus shootings in my city of residence, Wilmington, Delaware.  It would be extremely easy to say that maybe the Good doesn’t exist anymore.  However, after attending this concert I have to agree with John Alston and think their voices say otherwise.  


3 thoughts on “Listen to Them Sing!

  1. God sent a special angel for these two jobs here on earth. Many blessings will continue to bestow upon upon you for being who you are and I want to thank you for sharing yourself with others and being a Man whom also has a special gift. So I say thank you for helping assist our children to gain self respect and unconditional honest heartfelt love. May you continue to be blessed and filled with joy.

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