2 Dates and a Dash

“Life consist of two dates and a dash.  Make the most of the dash”

I had never heard or seen this saying before but the Universe felt it necessary for me to encounter it twice in the last two weeks. The first time was at my Uncle’s funeral when a man reflecting on my Uncle’s life proclaimed how “life consist of two dates and a dash. We have no control over the two dates but we can control if we make the most of the dash and let me say Artie Williams made the most of his dash”. Two weeks later, I learned from reading Stuart Scott’s book “Every Day I Fight” that one of his goals was to honor this saying and make the most of his dash during his fight with cancer.

It very well could have been a random coincidence that I came across this saying twice in two weeks but it forced me to take a moment and ask myself a simple question. One that everyone should probably ask themselves. Am I making the most of my dash?   My Uncle Artie Williams and Staurt Scott both did and we can only hope that we are doing the same!!


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