We Met in China

Customs Agent: What brings you to England?

Me: To visit friends

Customs Agent: Who are you staying with in England?

Me: Julie Shaw

Customs Agent: Where does she live?

Me: I dont know

Customs Agent: What is her telephone number?

Me: I dont know

Customs Agent: How did you meet these friends your visiting?

Me: We met in China

The customs agent glanced at me, then to my passport and then to me again.  I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead as I thought about what I just said “I’m visiting friends in England that I met in China”.  My eyes began looking around for an army of agents to come and escort me away because there was no way I was going to be allowed into England.

Me: I know my story sounds crazy but I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to sir.  I’m a teacher and had the opportunity to teach in China last summer with a group of teachers from England.  They were amazing people and I have stayed in contact with several of them.  We are on spring break in America and I  decided to come visit my friends in England.

Customs Agent:  That is quite the story sir and you can relax I’m not going to hit the panic button.  I actually believe you and I hope you enjoy your time in England.  It seems as if you may be realizing that it’s best to allow your life story to write itself and not attempt to write your own story in advance. It never goes as planned or our minds can’t imagine some of the adventures life has in store for us like visiting friends in England that you met in China.


2 thoughts on “We Met in China

  1. It is interesting to know that you find your spiritual gurus in custom agents, students, sister, etc. I believe, it is because you are open to every new circumstance and learning, and do not talk/react through “the patterns stored in your memory”.
    Maybe your students (kids – open souls) have taught you to see life with inquisitive eyes everyday. For the first time, I can see as to why are TEACHERS so important in the society. Thank you, Mr. Bacchus.
    Again, you are an inspiration!

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