Well Done

“The moment Marzenia Bacchus crossed her finish line she heard Well Done”

Reverend Woodhouse

My grandmother’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family, loved ones, and friends all nodded in agreement as Reverend Woodhouse of First Baptist Jefferson Park gave the eulogy for my grandmother in November. Marzenia’s race was 87 years long filled with hurdles, uphill climbs, obstacles and plenty of victory laps. She managed to run it all with class, kindness, love, and integrity leaving no doubt in any of our minds that she heard “Well Done” the second she ran through the finish line.

As I continued listening to the Reverend explain the importance of hearing “Well Done” at the end of our race, I wondered if my mother received the same praise as she crossed her finish line in July of 2018. Lynn’s race ended after just 62 years and my question was quickly answered while dwelling on her willingness to do anything for her family, students, and friends while filled with love. Of course, she did!

On a day where I was burying the last of my mother’s, I also thought about Myra Williams. My maternal grandmother served as the matriarch of our family and finished her race in 2007. Grandma Williams could be in the dictionary pictured next to words like faith, wisdom, strength and kindness. She most certainly heard “Well Done” when her race came to an end.

My mothers faced very different races but each can answer “YES” to the final question poised by Pastor Woodhouse. A question that he argued should be one of our main goals as we run the race of life, a question that I have reflected on heavily since my grandmother’s funeral.

“When you get to the end of your race will you hear, Well Done”

Reverend Woodhouse urged us not to worry so much about where you are in the race but how you are running your race. He reminded us that no one knows how long their race will be and encouraged us to live our lives in a manner that would allow you to be commended when your race comes to an end. Woodhouse forced me to look at how I am running my race and hope that I am running in the same fashion as Marzenia, Lynn, and Myra. He left me hoping that I too will hear “Well Done” when I finish my race.


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