Peanut Butter Happens

Player: Coach Bacchus, did anyone have peanut butter on their hands that was throwing with the Quarterback

Coach Bacchus: I don’t know…why?

 Player: The Quarterback wants to know

Coach Bacchus: Where is he?

Player: In the locker room

I run into the locker room and there was my starting Quarterback looking like Will Smith after he ate seafood in the movie Hitch.



I am fully prepared to stick the kid with an epipen but he claims he had already taken Benadryl and would be okay. “What happened” I asked? My Quarterback begins explaining how he was throwing the ball with some teammates in the gym and one of them must have had peanut butter on their fingers.  Some traces of the peanut butter got onto the football and made its way to my Quarterback who has a severe peanut allergy.  This small  trace of peanut butter left his lips swollen, his face bright red, hives forming all over his body, and his chance of playing in our last game of the season slim to none.

We threw more passes this season with him at the helm then we did in all four of my previous seasons combined. My Quarterback had led us to a 6-0 record going into our rivalry game against the cross town middle school and here he was in the coaches office blowing his nose, rubbing his eyes, and waiting for his Mom to come pick him up.  I couldn’t believe all of this was because someone had peanut butter on their fingers.  I had envisioned my Quarterback putting on an impressive performance in a game that would be played under the lights of the high school stadium and have a significant crowd for a middle school game but instead I was left pondering what plays I would have to run with his backup.

“I can’t believe this happened, what are the chances of peanut butter getting on a football and causing me to have an allergic reaction” my Quarterback questioned?   As I thought about the absurdity of what had occurred I couldn’t help but grin and say “That’s life I guess…….Peanut Butter Happens and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it.”



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