Bolting Through Time

Every week I am bound to hear someone say “does this week seem really slow” or “ I can’t wait for this week to be over”.  On Monday, the same person usually claims that “the weekend flew by” or that “2 days just isn’t enough”. In one instance, this person hopes to quickly sprint through the week and in another they wish to slowly walk through the weekend. The reality is that you will never be able to slow down and enjoy a weekend or any moment for that matter if you are constantly trying to sprint through the week.

It’s impossible for sprinters like Usain Bolt to come to a complete stop once they cross the finish line. Bolt is running so fast that his momentum continues to carry him once he finishes the race.  It’s Physics! You can apply the same Science to our approach to time.  We are constantly sprinting to get through so many moments of time that our minds and bodies become incapable of immediately slowing down to cherish desired ones.   Just like Usain at the finish line, we get carried right on by!

We may not want to acknowledge it but the fact is none of us have an infinite amount of time on this Earth. We truly can’t afford to rush through a single day yet alone a week. However, we do it on a regular basis. The energy we exert to sprint through the weekdays only creates a momentum that will carry us quickly pass the weekend and eventually right back into the sprinting blocks on Monday. As this cycle continues, we very well could go from saying “wow, the weekend flew by” to “wow, my life flew by”. Always wondering why we were never able to slow down and enjoy certain moments.

Instead of Bolting through the week at 9.58 speed, I am now fine with a victory lap pace. I am loving the idea of the week seeming really slow. Why? Because when Usain Bolt runs his victory lap he can easily stop to take pictures, wave the Jamaican flag, do the lighting bolt pose and conduct an interview. He doesn’t have to worry about his momentum carrying him pass the fan holding the Jamaican Flag. He can stop and enjoy that moment. I won’t to be able to stop and enjoy the moments in my life and bolting through the weeks will never give me that opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Bolting Through Time

  1. Very thought provoking Mr. Bacchus. Good reminder that life itself is the victory lap and that we need to “stop and smell the roses” and really enjoy it as much as possible. I know I am guilty of rushing through the work week to get to the weekend only to find that the weekend is no less busy or rushed. Thanks for sharing!

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