I think the beauty of Easter is that the idea of resurrection applies to us as people.  We have the ability to bury our old self and rise anew.  We are not literally placed in the ground but there are situations, losses, diagnoses, troubles,  and storms that are strong enough to bury us.  We fight like hell sometimes not to get buried (usually in vain) but if you accept this death most often it is a part of you that needed to die. At least that has been the case for me.  It may be a piece of your ego that was filled with arrogance or the part of you that thought you can do it all on your own.  It may be one of the facades that you created to fit in with popular society or one of the illusion you present to keep in line with the wishes of your family and culture.  Regardless of which part dies,  it likely was holding you back from being all you were created to be.

My father is currently involved in the resurrection process.  A good man who has had his troubles with addiction but recently allowed himself to die to his current fight with the disease.  They say an addict has to hit rock bottom before they can truly be helped.  I agree and know my Dad had been buried when he called me and asked me to come and pick him up in order to get him the help he needed.  I think the idea of hitting rock bottom applies not only to addicts but to all people and that death(metaphorically) is needed to bury our old self.

Take example the caterpillar.  It lives its life for a while but then willingly buries itself inside of its cocoon.  It goes through the process of resurrection and emerges as one of the most beautiful creatures of our Universe.  No longer crawling around on its stomach but free to fly.  The caterpillar understands that death is needed to reach the sky.   We as people were designed to fly but we may have to be buried a few times before you resurrect with the wings God wants you to have.


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